🐦 Toll roads are driving us all crazy.

Also: You can legally eat roadkill now.

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Toll roads were already hurting my wallet. Now they’re hurting my brain.

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Is driving on toll roads in NoVA making us all crazy?

Research suggests it might be.

Buckle up everyone, because we’re about to break down all of this NoVA highway havoc.


A recent study found that toll routes are giving road ragers some new things to be mad about:

  • 72 percent of EZ-Pass users avoid toll routes due to high costs (up to $20 per trip these days!)

  • Only 44 percent of NoVA drivers understand HOV lane requirements.

  • Just 5 toll operators manage over 100 miles of road in Northern Virginia.

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So, what's causing all this confusion?

  • Inconsistent signage: Apparently, deciphering toll signs is genuinely difficult for a significant portion of the drivers that were surveyed.

  • Complex road design: Limited entry and exit ramps make drivers feel like they're in a real-life game of Frogger.

  • Dynamic pricing: These days, the toll amounts change faster than you can say “I-95”.

And that’s not all.

The state's contracts with toll operators are tighter than rush hour traffic. Some even prevent Virginia from improving nearby roads without paying penalties.

So, what's the solution?

Officials are exploring everything from expanding rail services to standardizing toll contracts. But for now, it looks like Virginia drivers will need to keep their wits about them and their GPS apps at the ready.

But hey, at least we're all in this traffic jam together, right?

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Bulletin Board 📌 

Reader Restaurant Recommendation: One of our readers, Brian, recommends you guys check out George’s Steak n’ Things in Fairfax Station.

It’s a family owned spot, and according to Brian, they’ve got the best cheesesteak south of Philly itself.

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  • Friday Night Live | the DC area’s best outdoor concert series continues with a performance by The Rockets + Uncle Jesse!

  • Shreya Ghoshal is performing at Wolf Trap this weekend.

  • Rock the Block | Scorpion Rose is performing at Old Town Square in Fairfax on Friday. 

  • Take a Break Concerts | Texas Chainsaw Horns is performing at The Farm at Halley Rise in Reston tomorrow.

  • Thursday Night Live | Hand Painted Swinger is doing an outdoor performance at The Plaza at Mason Square. 

  • The Fly Birds are performing on Saturday for Creative Cauldron’s summer concert series.


  • Mount Vernon Independence Fireworks | a colonial-themed evening celebrating the founding of the United States on Friday. See ice cream get made the 18th century way! 

  • Lake Fairfax Fireworks | the annual celebration is back with food trucks, music, and fireworks on Saturday at Lake Fairfax Park 

  • McLean Community Center is hosting an early Independence Day celebration with fireworks, music, food trucks, and more

  • FireWorks 2024 | one of the region's largest pre-Independence Day events is back at the Workhouse in Lorton on Saturday.


Speaking of driving, check out this topical meme someone sent us the other day. If you’ve ever tried to avoid that 1-95 traffic after work, you know the struggle lol.

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