🐦 The Pentagon says UFOs are real.

Also: July 4th events near you

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Is Virginia becoming the UFO capital of America?

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Yesterday was World UFO Day, and Virginians aren't shy about reporting strange things they’ve seen in the sky.

So far this year, they've filed twenty reports of UFO sightings.

But are they really seeing alien spacecraft, or just getting a bit too excited about that new drone next door?

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Here’s the rundown of some of the state’s notable sightings of UFOs (or unidentified anomalous phenomena [UAP] if you want to sound fancy like the Pentagon):

  • A "silver cylinder" seen cruising over Virginia Beach 🏖️ 

  • A disappearing and reappearing black square in Ashburn (Now you see it, now you don't!) ⬛️ 

  • A mysterious "liquid-spraying" light over Falls Church (Alien car wash, anyone?) 🧼 

So, is the government hiding little green secrets? 👽️ 

Well, even though the Pentagon's task force acknowledges the UFOs themselves, they say there's no evidence of alien life specifically.

But not everyone's buying it. Whistleblower David Grusch claims the government's got a secret stash of alien tech and – wait for it – "non-human biologics."

Spooky stuff, right?

So, next time you're stargazing in Virginia (maybe while waiting a July 4th firework show to finally start), remember to keep your eyes peeled.

You never know what you might see – just don't forget your tinfoil hat!

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Reader Restaurant Recommendation: One of our readers, Jay, recommends you guys check out Havana 151.

Jay says this hidden gem has great Cuban food and drink, and an amazing environment. Check out some of the decor:

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  • Check out this beverage company that sources water from one of the oldest springs in Virginia💧 

  • Home prices in Northern VA have gone up by $45,000 since last year 🏠️ 

  • It’s BBQ season. Here’s a list of the best spots in Arlington, Fairfax, and Falls Church 🍖 

  • Two Loudoun County athletes have punched their ticket to the Summer Olympics in Paris 🏅 

  • Arlington visitors spent a record-breaking total of $4.5B dollars in 2023 📈 


  • Community Market | a family-friendly, local shopping experience with a free concert at the Workhouse in Lorton this weekend 🖌️ 

  • Euro 2024 Watch Party | there’s going to be a screening of select games at Strawberry Park starting on Friday 🥅 

  • Films in the Park | there’s going to be an outdoor, picnic-style screening of Top Gun: Maverick at Strawberry Park to celebrate Independence Day 🛩️ 


  • Fourth at the Wharf | a free waterside celebration with outdoor concerts, games, a bar, and a fantastic view of the National Mall firework show ⛵️ 

  • Independence Day Parade | the largest July 4th celebration in Virginia is back for it’s 57th year in downtown Fairfax, rain or shine! 🥳 

  • Great Falls July 4th | this family friendly event opens at 6pm, with inflatables, food trucks, and of course the firework show when it gets dark 🧨 

  • Vienna’s Independence Day | the fourth annual celebration is back with live music, kids entertainment, food trucks, and more 🎆 

  • Celebrate America 2024 | Northern VA’s largest firework display is happening in Historic Downtown Manassas 🎇 


Our internal wildlife photographer Lance has sent us yet another video of the mama groundhog in his backyard — a fan favorite of the newsletter.

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