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Could Virginia withstand another cyber attack?

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Last month, a major cyber attack hit the country's largest healthcare payment system. This a breach led to widespread panic, as it left healthcare providers unable to pay for life-saving medicines, and some patients with their payment histories erased.

These types of cyberattacks are happening more and more each year. In 2023, the US reported over 2,000 cyber attacksdouble the number from a few years ago.

Virginia itself has also faced a rise in cyberattacks. In 2021, the state's legislative computer systems were hit by a ransomware attack. This caused major issues during an important legislative session. That same year, hackers shut down a major gas pipeline that serves most of Virginia's gas stations. This led Gov. Northam at the time to declare a state of emergency.

These attacks were planned to cause as much disruption as possible. They showed how vulnerable the state's critical infrastructure can be. Virginia has become a national leader in cybersecurity in recent years, but more precautionary work is still needed to secure the state's infrastructure in the event of another disaster.

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Reader Restaurant Recommendation: One of our readers, Frank, recommends you guys check out Sweetwater Tavern. It’s is a part of the Great American Restaurants chain — a staple of the NoVA restaurant scene.

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One of our readers forwarded us this pic from Reddit of a giant shopping cart driving down the street. NoVA isn’t known for having the best drivers, but this is getting ridiculous! Maybe this is how Arlington got voted happiest city in America

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