🐦 Here's what those five cent plastic bags are paying for.

Breaking down the Virginia plastic bag tax.

Good morning, DMV! Happy National Respect Your Cat Day.

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Virginia plastic bag tax generates $4.6M dollars in revenue.

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Whether you're at Giant, Safeway, or Harris Teeter -- the five cent plastic bag tax arrives all the same.

I can hear the self-checkout kiosk voice now:

"How many store-provided bags did you use today?"


You forgot your reusable bags at home (despite promising yourself that you wouldn't this time). Now, you're gonna eat that five cent bag tax, on top of your grocery bill that always looks a bit too healthy these days.

In Fairfax County alone, the plastic bag tax raised around $4.6 million dollars between January 2022 and December 2023.

But have you ever stopped and asked yourself:

"What are all of these nickels actually going towards?"

No need to fear. Your friendly neighborhood newsletter is here to pull apart the mystery of those pricy plastic purses.

The state takes these taxes and redistributes the money to the localities they got them from. These jurisdictions are using the funds in various ways. For example:

Which project the the money goes towards is decided bi-annually by county officials.

Check out this graphic from Fairfax County that breaks down how the funds were allocated as of last December. If you want to go in-depth on the NoVA plastic bag tax — check out the official website here.

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