🐦 The Emirates bought real estate in McLean.

Also: You can get Costco delivered now.

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United Arab Emirates buys $55 million plot on McLean Gold Coast.

i know this is a pic of Great Falls but just go with it

The United Arab Emirates has paid $55 million dollars to buy 18 acres of land right alongside the Potomac River. The land they bought has three empty lots on Crest Lane in McLean, all right next to each other.

The UAE has some big plans for this sizable plot collection. They want to build a diplomatic compound there. This will includes three houses (for diplomats to stay in), meaning one on each plot.

Here are the reports on what the plans for the compound include:

  • 24,000 square footage for one of the houses

  • Each house will be connected to each other via a golf cart path

  • The compound will include a 2,000 square-foot paddle-tennis court. PLUS:

  • An 11,500 square foot fitness center with a cryogenic chamber, yoga studio, juice bar, massage room, and more.

  • One of the residences will also have up to 17 bedrooms.


The UAE spent a ton of money to buy a bunch prime McLean real estate to build a nice diplomatic compound with luxury amenities.

It shows they definitely want to have a major presence in that area. In fact… back in 2006, they bought a different property on Crest Lane, for $11 million dollars, just north of the three new ones.

Bulletin Board 📌 

Reader Restaurant Recommendation: One of our readers, Edmund, recommends you guys check out Listrani’s in McLean.

Lots of McLean stuff this week. You other towns need to step it up!

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  • You can now get Costco delivered via their new partnership with Uber Eats.

  • Sunday was the 23rd anniversary of the first Apple store opening in Tysons. You can see Steve Jobs unveiling the location here. 

  • A black bear was seen politely wandering this Arlington neighborhood.

  • Check out this in-depth interview with George Mason’s Tyler Cowen on topics like AI teddy bears and nuclear risk.

  • A new pickleball facility opened up in Leesburg a few days ago.

  • NoVA house sales doubled during the month of April.



One of our readers, Lance, has sent us another video of the baby groundhog that lives in his backyard — this time with higher quality as well. So cute! Maybe he’ll get all three of them plus their momma on tape one day.

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