🐦 A million dollar school donation.

Also: Why NoVA natives are buying houses together.

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Today’s factoid of the day is: Female bats give birth upside down, catching the newborns in their wings as they fall.


Beloved teacher leaves 1 million dollar life savings to Prince William schools.

Lillian Orlich has left $1 million in savings to a local education foundation after passing at 95. Lillian was affectionately known as 'Ms. O' to the thousands of students she helped over her career. She retired in 2017 after serving Prince William schools for 67 years as both a teacher and a counselor. Ms. O was very invested in her students, often keeping touch with her pupils long after they graduated.

Her donation will expand a scholarship fund she had set up before passing. Dozens of students have already benefitted from the scholarship. This donation symbolize's Ms. O's life-long commitment to her students, and her lasting impact on the greater community.


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Why are Virginia residents buying houses with their friends?

Young people are pooling money together to buy houses these days. This growing trend in Zillow's Consumer Housing Trends Report for 2023 shows 6,500 surveyed buyers citing affordability as the primary motivation for co-ownership.

Rising home prices are a big challenge for aspiring homeowners. Right now the available solutions fall under two broad categories:

  • Create more housing

  • Use existing housing more efficiently

Co-ownership falls under the second category -- and Virginia leads the country in co-ownership transactions year-over-year. Northern VA counties in particular have seen a ton of growth in the amount of people co-owning houses. As companies establish new headquarters to be closer to Washington, attracting new talent from around the country, house prices surge. This matches the post-pandemic employment bounce back seen in Fairfax County recently.

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Reader Restaurant Recommendation: One of our readers, Moiz, recommends you guys check out Rice Culture in Vienna.

It’s a new Asian dessert spot that just opened it’s first brick-and-mortar location a few months ago. Moiz says his go-to order is red bean filled taiyaki (fish shaped waffles) and an ube dessert jar (think rice pudding and candied yams had a baby) 🍚 🍠 👶 

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📍 Burke Lake

One of our readers, Amy, captured this short video of a mother duck and her ducklings while out for a run over the weekend — adorable! 🦆 

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